Body to body massage techniques

Body to body massage is a beloved technique of all clients visiting salons in Paris. Its renowned relaxation effect attracts people from all regions, who are looking for new emotions and experiences. If you have already tried body to body massage, you are aware of all the methods and techniques applied by professional masseuses. However, if you are new to this process, it is important to understand all the details before visiting a salon or independent masseuses. We are here to provide you with an exhaustive description of the process and underline the best techniques used during a quality b2b massage.

How a Good Body to Body Massage is Done?

Body to body techniques might vary depending on the salon you choose, masseuse’s experience and her approach to customer care. In general, all methods are differentiated using the following categorization:

  • kneadingsliding
  • rubbing
  • vibration
  • stroking
  • percussion

The whole process starts with a light shower that is necessary before the masseuse/masseur gets down to the process. It helps you to relax and set yourself on a joyful mood. Most salons in Paris use candles and aroma oils to plunge you in th4e atmosphere of love and satisfaction.

When you lie on a convenient sofa, an experienced and skilled specialist starts with sliding down and upwards your body. This method helps to gain maximum relaxation and ensure you distract from daily worries. After that, the masseuse might choose a variety of strategies depending on your wishes and preferences. If you want to get rid of blockages and feel better, kneading and stroking would fit best since they relax your muscles and positively affect your health. However, if your primary goal is relaxation, the best body to body technique, in this case, is rubbing and stroking. They relax your body and provide you with unforgettable feelings to guarantee seamless experience after the massage.

Advantages of Body to Body Massage Techniques

Body to body massage is not only the way to relax and distract from stress and inconvenience. It also has a strong healing effect that is felt after the first several sessions. Numerous benefits of doing body to body massage on a regular basis include:

  • improved blood circulation;
  • enhanced mental health;
  • stimulates erection;
  • has a stress prevention function;
  • improved blood pressure.

Apart from that, a good body to body massage with the use of the best techniques can serve as a sexual therapy for your relations. It helps you to eliminate blockages and get rid of shyness, which often prevents you from leading an active sexual life.

Body to body massage might become an excellent way to gain complete relaxation. Born in the kings’ and emperors’ homes, it has become one of the best ways to eliminate fatigue and generate life energy that is vital for every person. Try it once and you will definitely return to this practice regularly in search of relaxation and diversity!