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The role of body-to-body erotic massage in general

There are many different recreational and relaxing treatments that help maintain good health. They can be listed for a long time, but among all it is possible to single out one of the most enjoyable for both the body and the own pleasure, this is massage. First of all, massage is used to prevent various diseases and maintain tone. Between several types of massage, without a doubt, the most pleasant is a body-to-body erotic massage for adults.

The origin of the body-to-body erotic massage

Erotic massage appeared many millennia ago and takes its origin in the East, from where it later moved to Europe, to the ancient Greeks, and later to the rest of the world. It scored the most popular in France. Body-to-body erotic massage quickly gained his place in massage parlors in Paris and was considered more like art, although for preventive purposes with functional disorders of the sexual sphere. At the same time, in some countries it was considered indecent and vulgar for a very long time.

Feature of body-to-body erotic massage

Because of its main feature, which distinguishes it from other types of massages, this massage is intended exclusively for adults, because it requires such a condition that the client and the masseuse are naked.

To get the most pleasure from this type of massage, you should definitely contact the appropriate salon, where professionals specialize in this. Such, for example, is very common in Paris.

Types of body-to-body erotic massage

There are many types of erotic massage:

  • Thai body-to-body erotic massage
  • Nuru body-to-body erotic massage
  • Aqua body-to-body erotic massage
  • Anthritic body-to-body erotic massage, etc.

Most common among them are the first two. So let’s take a closer look at these two.

Thai body-to-body erotic massage

This type is considered the most popular and originates, based on the name, in Thailand. At first it may seem that it is no different from the rest, because here there are classical notes that are common to all other types. After a warm shower that relaxes your body, the girl, after having applied the oil on her body, slides on your body, which not only relaxes your muscles, but also excites your erogenous zones. The whole process is accompanied by pleasant relaxing music, and a masseuse can use different aromatic oils, based on your personal preferences.

Nuru body-to-body erotic massage

It is another very popular type of erotic massage originates in Japan. The word comes from the Japanese language and translates as “slippery / smooth.” A special lotion of seaweed leaves is applied to the body of the client and the masseur, which has neither smell nor taste.

During the nuru body to body massage, participants will try to get the greatest possible physical contact; massage therapists often use their entire body and even touch the face.

Also worth noting is the unique technique of “Sakura branch”, which has gained popularity among fans of the game of lips, tongues and “playful” teeth.

Basic techniques of body-to-body erotic massages

In body-to-body erotic massages used similar techniques as in the classical massage, but more gently and kindly.

There are several basic massage techniques :

  • stroking
  • rubbing
  • kneading
  • vibration and percussion

Stroking is the most common massage technique. It is always used to warm up and also to disperse blood through the body. And even light stroking of erogenous zones or near them can be easily excited, preparing for the main stage.

Along with stroking, rubbing is also used. It has a deeper effect, stretching and flexing the tissue. Here you need to use oil or lotion, simultaneously rubbing it on the body.

The main stage, which takes most of the time, is kneading. This is the main process and the most difficult, during which the technique is carried out on relaxed muscles, smoothly without jerks and twisting of muscle fibers. Increase the load gradually. The slower the pace of kneading, the deeper and more pronounced effect on the muscles. Stroking is used at the end of this method, and also in the completion of the entire body-to-body erotic massage.